Elder Kennedy's Mission Scripture

Elder Kennedy's Mission Scripture

Alma 26:12

"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Service of my Savior

Another week another dollar... minus the dollar, but many blessings from being in the service of the Lord. This week was good for teaching, we had a lot of lessons and we´ve got some more progressing investigators. It started to rain today and it isn´t supposed to stop until Thursday. ha Time to test out how well my missionary mall jacket works. 

Mom that was an awesome story about Nathan Osmond, thanks! And also, you asked about the proselyting bags. I like it, it works well and they definitely distribute weight well. It basically is a backpack but it is smaller (holds my scriptures, mini PMG hymn book, and folletos. It has a waist belt too. I think you heard of the old ones, which are just shoulder bags. Dad, what a cool job to have for the summer. Joe, sounds like you need to take a break man! You’re working so late and starting so early. 

Anyway, the mission is going awesome for me. I'm glad to be here in the service of my savior and los demás personas también. En verdad yo he visto muchos milagros y bendicionés por medío este opurtunidad tengo ser misionero en este tiempo. Yo he visto el amor de mi Padre Celestial muchas veces y yo sé que Él siempre está allí para nosotros y la unica cosa tenemos que hacer es vivir su Evangelio y esforsarnos en la fe y edificarnos en la roca de nuestra salvador Jesucristo. 
Muchas gracias a todos por su apollo.

Les amo con todo mi corazón, 

Élder Kennedy

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Importance of working together!

¡UF! What a long week! A lot of our investigators stopped answering the doors when we visit. And our barrio isn´t functioning bien porque no hay communicación entre nosotros y el obispo, porque no tenemos un lider missional porque él es menos activo, y nuestro obispo está tan ocupado porque el tiene dos trabajos y el está estudiando también. Lo siento, I just realized I wrote that in Spanish. Anyway we are working really hard still trying to make up for the ward not helping us. The thing about Chile is the church is a lot younger here, so the miembros here don’t realize how much stronger the church would be if we all worked together. We have been trying to set up a noche de hogar every week for the members. We started this when I got here, with the hope that they would be self-sufficient by now. But they aren’t yet and the members here just don’t understand the importancia of giving references because the church is so young here none of the members have seen how much that helps the missionaries and strengthens the ward. They don’t know this, because the few members we have that served a mission served here in Chile so they didn’t receive referencias tampoco. 

Anyway enough ranting haha. I am enjoying my mission it is awesome. The people here are really awesome but its a little sad because the members here just don’t have the vision of how much greater they can be by helping us. But it’s ok, my companion and I are praying very hard and I know the Lord will help us. Anyway, Thanks Renée for sending the package! I’m excited for it :). I’m sorry you’re not feeling good Joe! You’re working really hard man! Wow! That's crazy about the youth getting family history callings. What an awesome expierence for them.

It’s been raining off and on here. I swear it’s just like San Diego. It will be hot one day the next cold and raining. Hot days cold nights, everything is the same. Anyway I’m having a blast here, enserio. This has already been the coolest experience of my life and ive only been out here in the field for 2 months. HA sorry for all the Spanglish, I have a little headache. haha Love you guys 

Elder Kennedy the younger

Renee- Congrats on the calling to be the sunbeams teacher! Sounds awesome! Ha

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Post Mother's day

Here is a picture we managed to snap of Elder Kennedy talking to us on Skype: 

Happy Mother's Day again Mom! I'm glad you enjoyed it. So glad I got to talk to some of you yesterday! Dad, Dianna and Granny, sorry I ran out of time. I spent the first 15 minutes of my time looking for a computer that had Skype that worked.  I don’t think I’m gonna send a full email out this week because I just talked to most of you yesterday haha. 

I love being a missionary. We are working hard and staying happy the whole time. I’m glad Eric is enjoying his mission too. There is a brasilano Elder in my zone. He arrived in the same group as me but he says the Spanish and Portuguese languages are super similar and that when a Spanish speaker talks you’re able to understand what they are saying. It works both ways. Haha so after the mish Eric and I can have secret conversations using two different languages. Awesome! Anyway it was really nice to talk to Eric, Mom and Renee yesterday. I heard Joe likes Maté? I love it man! I finally just bought my first bombilla (straw) haha im actually drinking Maté right now while typing this haha. I love you and miss you guys.

Elder Kennedy

P.S. Renee- Not to be trunky or anything haha but after the mish we gotta take a trip back down here and cruise around S. America. Eric and I can be guides haha.

P.S.S Mom- the shoes fit perfectly and they aren’t too big. It’s nice having 3 pairs of shoes. I don't think I will have to buy new shoes my whole mish especially between the ones you guys sent and my Eccos.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Elder Kennedy sent some pictures from the Mission! YAYAYA

 Baptism of Juan Lucero

Baptism of Juan Lucero

The Andes

The tall building in the back left corner is the tallest building in South America I am told. P.S. This foto was not taken at the top of the mountain.

Left to Right. Me, Elder Christensen and Elder Stewart



We found a bench and took a Maté break. yum

 Also I went in the CCM de Santiago

 CCM (MTC) Santiago

 Party jacket. (The inside of one of my suits)

 My zone and some members in a bus

 Our family the four. All of  us in suits... (so minus elder Ramos) we are decents of the same trainer, Elder Crist. So I have my dad my uncle and my cousin here.

 The Zone and a few members im up top right.

Santiago temple

 Chilean sunrise