Elder Kennedy's Mission Scripture

Elder Kennedy's Mission Scripture

Alma 26:12

"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracles In San Antonio, Chile

Hey family,

I am deeply sorry for the deaths that have happened back home. That really is difficult, especially since one was a parent and one was a brother of kids on the mission. 

This week was 'changes', but I don’t have them. 7 months on the coast!!!!!!! Actually, there weren’t many changes at all. The 4 of us that live in our pention are the same. I still live with Elder Lythgoe, Elder López, and Elder Peel. And we are all super exited. Yesterday The 4 of us had a baptism. Elder Lythgoe and López baptized a man named Carlos who was a miracle. He changed his life a lot to be able to be baptized. Elder Peel and I also had a baptism. Luis Donoso. Luis is 20 years old and he is perfect missionary material. He too is a miracle. He had to quit smoking and everything. He's the guy that said, (when we were doing a practice for the baptism interview) and he was asked if he believed the church of Jesus Christ has been restored through conduct of Joseph Smith, he said "Yes, because I have read the Book of Mormon." I love Luis. He is the man. I had the awesome opportunity to baptize him. I don’t think I have ever felt as good doing anything else. The spirit was so strong in the baptism. But I don’t think I have ever felt it so strong than having actually performing the baptism. It was amazing. That was Elder Peels first baptism in the mish. I'm stoked on it cause Elder Peel and I taught him all the things he needed to know from the beginning. Elder Peel didn’t enter in the middle or anything. 

Also earlier in the week, (last Tuesday) the 4 missions of Santiago went to go see Elder Holland talk. QUE PODER. He talked a lot about the importance of the mission, why it is so hard, and how we need to exercise our power and authority to "Asombrar" astonish everyone we meet. He also said that as missionaries we are still in a learning process and we are investigators of the Lord. And we have to make the changes the Lord needs us to make in order to 1st convert ourselves to His gospel, and 2nd help others change their lives. He said, "How can you expect an investigator to change their life and follow the savior if you haven’t done it yourself?" He also said we need missionaries that work hard on the mission and stay active after, because if we don’t stay active we are denying everything we taught here for the last 2 years. He said all this in a waaay more passionate ‘Holland like’ way with fist pounding and the whole 9 yards. You might be able to find the talk he gave online; I’m not sure how it works. Another cool thing is that because this was ALL missions of Santiago, I saw Elder Dirkmaat there. That was awesome to see him. I snapped a foto with him. Anyway we had a great week and I am so stoked to be staying in San Antonio for another 'Change'.


Elder Kennedy

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